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Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags

Engraved plastic equipment tags play a crucial role in identification and safety across a wide range of industries. By offering both durability and visibility, plastic tags serve perfectly for labeling and marking equipment across numerous applications, thereby becoming essential tools that enhance operational safety and efficiency.


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Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags
We also provide a diverse selection of other label types to meet your needs.

Key Features of Engraved Plastic Tags:


Our manufacturing team selects these tags from high-quality, durable plastic materials, specifically designing them to endure the rigors of industrial use and offer unwavering resilience.

  • Heat Resistance:

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, these tags are exceptionally suited for environments where high heat is a constant presence, ensuring their integrity remains intact.

  • Visibility:

Our team has strategically designed the tags in a variety of bright colors to ensure maximum visibility across diverse settings, thereby enhancing safety and ease of identification.

  • UV Stability:

Experts have meticulously treated these tags to resist the effects of UV radiation, a measure that effectively prevents fading and helps maintain legibility over time, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

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Plastic materials, are well known for their resilience and adaptability, are extensively utilized in various applications. Beyond their robustness, engraved plastic tags provide numerous advantages, making them a top choice for several uses. Let’s look further into this subject, as we look at Ideal applications for engraved plastic tags.

Ideal Applications for Engraved Plastic Tags

1. Electrical Equipment

Metal tags present a significant risk when used around electrical systems. In contrast, engraved plastic tags, due to their non conductive nature, emerge as the safest option for labeling electrical equipment. This makes them an ideal choice for affixing safety warnings, as they provide a reliable solution without presenting any additional hazards.

2. Control Panels

For a thorough understanding and effective implementation of electrical safety measures in the workplace, one should, therefore, refer to OSHA’s Electrical Safety Standards.

When labeling control panels, the non-conductive nature of plastic tags makes them an optimal choice. These tags ensure clear, no-upkeep labels of controls, crucial for operational safety and efficiency. Their scratch-resistant surface ensures long-lasting visibility.

3. Marine Equipment

The harsh and rough marine environment requires signage that can endure exposure to moisture without failing to wear. Consequently, plastic equipment tags stand out in this regard, as they offer superior water resistance. This quality makes them particularly suitable for boats and by the dock safety signs, thereby extended durability and reliable service.

4. Industrial Machinery

The strength of engraved plastic makes it highly suited for industrial machinery, known for intense vibrations and impacts. Unlike metal tags, plastic tags handle harsh conditions without giving in to damage, making them ideal for heavy machinery labeling.

Are you Shopping for Premium Engraved Plastic Equipment Tags?

if you’re in need of engraved plastic tags for your business, then look no further, as we’re here to assist. Our plastic tags come in various sizes and colors, with cool features like adhesive backing for a without screws application. We also provide a diverse selection of other tag types to meet your needs.

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