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Electrical Equipment Torque Verification Labels

Electrical Equipment Torque Verification Labels

Label Packaging Options

Packaging Options:

Available in multi-packs, suitable for individual professionals or extensive enterprise needs.

Each tag is sized at 2” x 4”, striking the perfect balance between conspicuousness and space economy.

Supplied ready-to-use for seamless integration into your workflow.

Customizable Fields: Allocated spaces for essential details like the date and company information to ensure traceability and accountability.

These Torque Indicator Tags are not just a regulatory requirement; they are a pledge of quality and accuracy.


Torque Verification Decal Labels

Indoor/Outdoor UV Protected

Pressure-sensitive Torque verification labels:

Secure your reputation for safety and diligence with our Torque Verification Decals. Essential for electricians and quality control managers, these stickers are your testament that all hardware is tightened to the manufacturer’s precise standards, in line with NEC 110.14(D) regulations.

Product Highlights:

Striking Yellow Hue: A luminous background ensures the sticker catches the eye, signaling important information.

Prominent, Legible Typeface: The statement “ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT TORQUE CONFIRMATION” is printed in bold font for unmistakable communication.

Resilient Composition: Crafted to withstand challenging conditions, these stickers resist abrasion, moisture, and thermal variations.

Self-Adhesive: Our stickers are backed with a strong, non-slip adhesive that bonds securely to multiple substrates.

Place your order today and champion the unmatched reliability and safety of your electrical installations!


Offering specialized Electrical Equipment Torque Verification Labels for electricians, our product specifically ensures that electrical equipment is clearly marked to indicate that all lugs and terminals have been torqued according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, these labels serve as a reliable confirmation for inspectors, significantly streamlining the verification process.

Certifications and Standards Compliance

List of Utilities that accept Torque Verification Stickers

Public Utility Districts (PUDs)

  • Benton PUD: Serves Benton County with electricity services.
  • Chelan County PUD: Provides electricity in Chelan County, also known for hydropower generation.
  • Clark Public Utilities: Offers electric and water services in Clark County.
  • Cowlitz PUD: Supplies electricity to Cowlitz County, including Longview and Kelso.
  • Grant County PUD: Known for its hydropower projects, serving Grant County.
  • Snohomish County PUD: One of the largest PUDs, providing power to Snohomish County and Camano Island.

Municipal Utilities

  • Centralia City Light: Centralia’s electric utility service.
  • Cheney Power: Supplies electricity to the Cheney area.
  • Seattle City Light: The largest municipal utility in the state, serving Seattle and parts of its metropolitan area.
  • Tacoma Public Utilities: Provides power, water, and rail services to Tacoma and surrounding areas.
  • Richland Energy Services: Municipal utility service for the city of Richland.

Cooperative Utilities

  • Kootenai Electric Cooperative: Serving parts of Kootenai County and surrounding areas.
  • Okanogan County Electric Co-op: Provides electric services in Okanogan County.
  • Peninsula Light Company: A cooperative utility serving the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula areas.
  • Inland Power & Light: Offers services in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs)

  • Puget Sound Energy (PSE): The largest IOU in Washington, serving customers in the Puget Sound area.
  • Pacific Power: Part of PacifiCorp, providing electricity in parts of Washington.
  • Avista Utilities: Serving Eastern Washington with electricity and natural gas.

The Critical Importance of Torque in Electrical Safety

Torque is not merely a technical term; it forms the fundamental basis for ensuring safe electrical connections. Our torque labels provide a consistent guarantee that each fitting, wire, and junction within your electrical systems comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) 110.14(D). By selecting Sound Signs, you are not only meeting industry standards, but you are also establishing them.

Instill Confidence with Every Label: Your Seal of Compliance

Sound Signs’ safety labels and engraved phenolic labels, are more than indicators of compliance—they are pledges of your dedication to safety and excellence. Detailed, durable, and designed for clarity, these labels offer undeniable proof that every torque specification has been meticulously met. They are not just labels; they’re your signature on a job done right.

Accountability in Every Connection: The Signature of Trust

Your professional reputation is, without a doubt, priceless. As a result, our labels reflect the high caliber of your work, providing a lasting imprint of quality and dependability. By choosing to affix Sound Signs torque verification labels, you’re not merely completing a task; you’re actively building trust and ensuring peace of mind.

The Silent Alarm: Preventing Electrical Failures

Loose connections are silent threats that compromise safety and functionality. Consequently, Sound Signs labels act as vigilant sentinels, steadfastly guarding against negligence and ensuring that no connection goes unchecked. Importantly, they serve as visible reminders that behind every panel lies the promise of security.

Electrical Panel Torque Verification Stickers

Assuring Compliance with Precision and Ease

The purpose of Electrical Equipment Torque Verification Labels is to provide a clear and unmistakable indication that all components within electrical panels have been torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications using calibrated tools. These labels are indispensable tools for both electricians and inspectors, offering a simple and direct visual cue for rapid confirmation. Through the utilization of these labels, inspectors can efficiently verify compliance, eliminating the need for time-consuming checks. Furthermore, these labels are meticulously crafted to endure the rigorous conditions of electrical environments, ensuring long-lasting visibility and durability. They not only serve as a testament to the precision of electricians’ work but also as a symbol of safety and reliability in electrical installations.

Electrical Lug Torque Verification Decals

Streamlining Safety Checks with Trusted Indicators

The Electrical Lug Torque Verification Labels serve a specific purpose: to emphasize the precise torquing of lugs in electrical setups. Moreover, they function as reliable markers, clearly demonstrating that calibrated tools have securely tightened each lug, in accordance with industry standards. This straightforward yet highly effective solution also assists inspectors in quickly determining if the required torque specifications have been satisfied, thereby simplifying the inspection process. Additionally, these labels have been designed to be easily visible and durable, capable of withstanding the demands of electrical work environments. Using these labels, not only boosts the efficiency of safety checks, but it also reinforces the commitment to upholding the highest standards of electrical safety and performance.


Installation Guide: Affixing Your Torque Sticker

Step-by-Step to Securing Safety

Installation Guide for Torque Labels

Clean the Area

Firstly, ensure the surface where the label will be affixed is clean, dry, and free of debris. Then, as a preparatory step, a quick wipe with an alcohol pad can effectively remove any oils or residue. This action is crucial to avoid any issues with the label’s adhesion.

Peel and Position

Carefully peel the label from its backing. Position it over the designated area, aligning it for a perfect fit. Once in place, press down firmly to secure the label.

Smooth Out Bubbles

Begin by starting from the center, and then smoothly push out any air bubbles, directing them toward the edges. Subsequently, this bubble-free application ensures that the label is fully adherent and remains legible.

Record the Details

With the label now securely in place, proceed to use a permanent marker to carefully fill in the date and company information. This step is not merely a formality; rather, it is absolutely crucial. It serves as a tangible record of your careful attention to detail and unwavering professionalism.

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