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Engraved Phenolic Labels Near Me

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Engraved Phenolic Labels, Tags and Plastic Nameplates

Engraved Phenolic Labels in Seattle and King County, WA

Sound Signs of Seattle: Premier Phenolic Label Experts

Seattle’s Expert in Phenolic and Plastic Label Engraving

Phenolic Label Engraver

Fully Customizable Plastic Engraved Phenolic Labels

Lots of options to choose from

Phenolic labels and phenolic tags: Get yours ready in as little as one day! For custom requests, call us directly below.

Personalized Phenolic Tags for Electrical Panels

Phenolic labels and phenolic engraved plastic tags are our specialty at Sound Signs, the premier PNW engraving shop. Located in the heart of Seattle and serving all of King County, WA, we are dedicated to providing exceptional phenolic plastic labels of the highest quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures timely delivery of superior products, making us your top choice for reliability and craftsmanship.

Engraving Services for Custom Phenolic Labels and Nameplates

Meticulous Attention to Detail in Every Step
At Sound Signs, we take pride in our precision-driven process, balancing top-notch craftsmanship with swift production to deliver the finest phenolic labels in the market.

a Rotory Engraver
Perfectly Plastic Tag Engraving
  • Design Excellence: Custom solutions tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Advanced Engraving: Cutting-edge ROTARY ENGRAVING technology for unmatched precision.
  • Durable Finishing: Crafted for longevity, even in challenging environments.

High-Performance Materials for Engraved Phenolic Labels

Selected for Ultimate Durability and Quick Production
Our choice of phenolic material is strategic, focusing on durability and efficiency. This ensures our labels not only last longer but are also available to you when needed.

Key Features of Our Lamacoid Engraving:

  • UV Resistance: Superior endurance against sunlight.
  • Chemical Resistance: Robust against chemicals and solvents.
  • Moisture Resistance: Reliable performance in humid conditions.

Design Considerations for Customized Phenolic Nameplate Designs

Innovative Production for Premium Labels
The blend of skilled artisanship and modern technology at Sound Signs results in phenolic labels that are both beautiful and functionally superior, produced with an eye on prompt delivery.

Detailed Specs for Informed Phenolic Label Choices

Comprehensive Information for Swift Decision-Making
Our detailed spec sheets provide essential information, allowing you to make informed and quick decisions about your phenolic label needs.

Local Close by Engraved Phenolic Labels

Ensuring Quality, Durability, and Rapid Service
Choose Sound Signs for phenolic labels that combine durability, aesthetic appeal, and quick availability. Serving Seattle and King County, WA, we are dedicated to meeting your labeling needs with excellence and efficiency.

Discover the Sound Signs Difference, your Local Engraving Service.

Phenolic Engraving Labels

*Affordable Engraved Phenolic Tags: Transparent Pricing Options


*This special optional pricing applies exclusively to orders placed via phone or email that demand promptness and reliability. Please be aware that Emergency Pick-Up and Urgent Production options depend on our current availability and production schedule. No more than 8 labels per order, per customer.

 Flat-Rate: Each label is priced at $14.00 ea., regardless of design. Note: Max Label Size Limited to 4’ X 6” 


Choose Your Style:

  • Black with White Engraved Lettering: The classic choice for maximum readability.
  • Red with White Engraved Lettering: Make a bold statement with a pop of color.
  • White with Black Engraved Lettering: A clean, contemporary look for modern applications. Our rotary engraving process ensures a professional, deep-cut finish for enhanced detail and longevity.


Pre-Drilled or Adhesive: Select from pre-drilled holes for mechanical fasteners or opt for convenient adhesive tape backing, both included at no extra cost.


Weather and UV Resilient: Constructed for durability, our labels resist the degrading effects of weather and UV exposure. All of our materials are sourced from Scott Machine Development Corporation, featuring American-made, factory-direct engraving plastics.


Certifications: Each label is PSE (Puget Sound Energy) and SCL (Seattle City Light) approved to meet regulatory compliance and facilitate inspections.


Customizable to Your Specifications: A broad selection of sizes and finishes ensures your labels fit your exact needs.


  • Standard Delivery: No charge for shipping, with an average delivery time of 3 to 4 days via standard US mail.
  • Expedited Delivery: Swift 2-day shipping available for an additional $50, for orders of up to 8 labels.
  • Emergency Pick-Up (Seattle Area Only): Labels are available for pick-up within 24 hours for an additional $100.
  • Urgent Production (Seattle Area Only): For critical demands, labels can be prepared for pick-up in 4 hours for $250. Call 206-717-6076 for Urgent Production.


Washington State Resale Permit: Present a valid permit to exclude sales tax from your purchase.


Get in Touch: Dial 206-717-5076 to order your high-quality, precision-engraved labels. 

Customer Success with Sound Signs’ Engraved Phenolic Labels

What Our Clients Say

Read testimonials from electricians and industry professionals who rely on Sound Signs for their essential safety needs. Your trust is our greatest achievement.


I’m impressed with the engraved phenolic labels I got from Sound Signs for my construction project. Ed was great to work with – knowledgeable and attentive. The labels are high-quality, with clear, precise engraving and durable material. They exceeded my expectations in text clarity and finish. Their prompt delivery and excellent customer service were a standout. Highly recommend Sound Signs for top-notch construction labels. Kudos to Ed and his team!

~ Alex J.


Order Custom Engraved Phenolic Labels Here

Applications of Plastic Phenolic Labels in Various Sectors

Industries Utilizing Phenolic Plastic Labels

Phenolic plastic labels are a crucial component in diverse industries, valued for their durability, non-conductivity, and resistance to environmental factors. They ensure operational safety and efficiency in various sectors.

Key Industries and Applications

1. Electrical Industry

  • Application: Labeling electrical panels, switchgear, and control systems.
  • Benefits: Non-conductivity, electrical insulation, heat resistance, chemical resistance.

2. Industrial Facilities

  • Application: Identification tags for machine panels, electrical panels, industrial machinery, and safety warnings.
  • Benefits: Resistant to water, oil, friction, and chemicals. Compliance with OSHA and ISO guidelines.

3. Maritime Industry

  • Application: Signage for ships, boats, maritime equipment.
  • Benefits: Exceptional water and corrosion resistance.

4. Schools and Hospitals

  • Application: Marking electrical systems, HVAC phenolic tags for equipment, and critical infrastructure.
  • Benefits: Clear, durable, and easy-to-read identification. Resistant to wear, tear, and chemicals.

5. Computers and Electronics

  • Application: Labeling of electronic components and systems.
  • Benefits: Heat resistance and durability.

Phenolic labels of Issaquah are indispensable across various industries for maintaining safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Their versatility and durability make them a valuable asset.

Your Seattle Source for Quality Engraved Phenolic Labels

Customize your electrical equipment with our robust Engraved Plastic Labels, designed for clear and long-lasting identification in various indoor or outdoor electrical applications.

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